Scandinavia SIG #Scandinavia Re: manuscript Copenhagen marriage, mohel (?) list #scandinavia

Elsebeth Paikin

Dear Logan and all Scandinavia Genners.

Thank you very much, Logan, for bringing this to my attention.
As I live in Copenhagen, I will not be able to make copies.

However, as I believe the copies would be of great interest for the
Scaninavia SIG, I would greatly appreciate if someone would take on
the task of copying whatever can be copied (if it seems to be of
genealogical interest, of course), so that the material can be
included in the All Scandinavia Database.

If someone is willing to take on this task, please contact me.

There are still some money left on Scaninavia SIG's account, so
the cost of copying can be refunded. As of now I don't know if
there is enough money, but otherwise we can perhaps ask for
some donations.

I hope that someone is able and willing...
and will be waiting with anticipation for a volunteer.

Best regards

Elsebeth Paikin, Copenhagen, Denmark
Coordinator & webmaster of JewishGen's SCANDINAVIA SIG

At 01:21 19-08-2005, Logan J. Kleinwaks wrote:
Apparently, manuscript Copenhagen marriage and child (mohel?) data written
by J. Hirtz is included in a printed book that is part of Stanford
University's Samson/Copenhagen Judaica Collection. A Special Collections
librarian has informed me that, due to the condition of this book, only
certain pages will be allowed to be photocopied. I do not know which
page(s) the list appears on, or whether they can be photocopied. If someone
is willing to visit Stanford and either make copies or take notes, as
necessary, please contact me for details. (Digital photographs are not

There are also two other books in the same collection in similar fragile
condition that contain handwritten genealogical information, though likely
not pertaining to Scandinavia.

Best regards,

Logan Kleinwaks
near Washington, D.C.

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