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I am beginning to research a branch of my family who lived in Malmo, =
Sweden during the 1870's and 1880's.=A0 They originally came >from Poland =
(possibly Lomza Guberniya).=A0 A few children were born in Malmo, =
including my great grandfather: Louis DAVIS.=A0=20
Sometime in the 1880's, they immigrated to the USA (New York City).

My problem is this:=A0 I'm not sure of the original family name.=A0 The =
name in America was DAVIS.=A0 Since this is not a particularly Jewish =
name, it seems to me that the original name was something else.=A0 I =
know the first names of the people, however.

Question: how would I go about finding Swedish records (birth/census, =
etc.) of these people.=A0 I assume that there weren't very many Jews in =
Malmo around 1880.=A0 In addition, does the Jewish community of Malmo =
have any records >from this period that would help me (i.e. synagogue =

Thank You,

Michael Cramer
591 Washington Street
Brookline, Massachusetts=20

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