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Steven Lasky <steve725@...>

I am currently constructing a future exhibition for my website about
photographic studios in Europe and will be including some studio photos from
Stockholm, Sweden. I have some studio photos (with the studio/photographer's
imprint at the bottom of the photo mounts) >from the Nilsson studio and have
just received one >from the Atelier Gota on Gotgatan 71. I don't imagine that
the studio is still there of course, but I am wondering whether anyone knows
whether this address is still in existence. Does anyone know whether any
(very) old photographic studios are still doing business in Stockholm? Is
this street Gotgatan in the business center of Stockholm today?

I am also diligently looking for more studio photos taken pre-war in Sweden
or anywhere else in Western or Eastern Europe during this time. The only
condition is that they have the studio/photographer's name imprinted on the
photo, i.e at the bottom on the matte/mount. If there is printing on the
back side of the photo (usually mounted on some sort of cardboard), that
would be welcome too. If you know the names of the people in the photo,
where they were >from and can date the photo, this should be included, but
is not essential.
Thank you.

Steve Lasky
New York

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