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William Linden <william.linden@...>

Dear Steve,

Re. your calling for Götgatan 71.

At Götgatan 71 there is one Phographer in the Yellow Pages . He has abt
160,000 matches on Googles.

His name is Hans Gedda and he is a world wide renowned Portrait
Photographer widely written about here as well i.e. Mr. Nelson Mandela
and the personal Photographer to our former Prime Minister Olof Pame,
assassined. He is born 1942 and works upon appointments in his studio at
Götgatan 71 in the South and very busy part of central Stockholm at a
very good location right in the middle of it all: "The Stockholm Södermalm"

I have called Mr. Gedda on phone and have the following information for you:

The house Götgatan 71 was constructed around the Millennium 1899/1900.
At the time there was a Photo Atelier exactly there Mr. Gedda has been
told by elderly customers.

After that the atelier was possessd by our famous Jewish Hungarian
Immigrant and painter Mr. Endre Nemes, now deseased and the studio was
transferred to his friend Mr. Gedda.

Mr. Gedda will meet the Photographer Lennart Nilsson this week. I assume
you meant _The_ Lennart Nilsson.

If you need support here I'll do what I can.

And in case you know anything about the three Sweden Immigrants
1800-1815 Jewellers Friedrich Heinrich ( Isaac??) STURM *1796 and Caspar
David _Ludwig_ STURM * 1786 or the Tailor Jacob STURM married in
Stockholm 1803 pls do not hesitate to give me an email as I'm so far
unable to locate any of their parents in their European country of
origin, Germany, Poland, Austria the Baltics or elsewhere though years
of reserarch. I know more or less everything about STURM/STORM
immigrants to the USA but I lack my personal family link of these three
gentlemen backwards in line.

Good Luck at Götgatan 71 !

Best regards

William Linden
Inventor, Internet Security to
InternetBanking & e-comm


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