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Elsebeth Paikin

At 19:29 09-06-2006, you wrote:
Dear Donna,

OK, Elsebeth, I'll jump in!
Thanks! - also to others who reacted to my message.

I do not, to my knowledge, have Scandinavian connections. However, my
TRUPIN/TROUPIN/TRUPPIN family in Latvia was close enough to Scandinavia that
perhaps, once upon a time, some folks crossed over.
Could it at times have been spelled TREPIN?
I found a Martin TREPIN in the Danish Demographic Database

He was born 1862 in Riga, Latvia, and expelled >from Denmark 31st Jan. 1888 and
sent back to Latvia (Libau).

That is all that I've found in Denmark (going through my own and the online
searchable databases) - maybe someone can find something in the other

I have another reason for monitoring the list. As librarian of the JGS of
Ottawa, I have occasion to assist others in their research; and monitoring
area lists gives me information that may be useful as I assist folks.
You deserve great thanks - I know that is quite a timeconsuming task!

Everyone's contribution, no matter how small, has the potential to assist
someone else in some way. I, too, encourage listers to contribute their
names and places and stories.

Best wishes

Elsebeth Paikin, President
Jewish Genealogical Society of Denmark:
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