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Christina Giscombe <ccgiscombe@...>

Following on >from Barbara's request, my name is Christina and I have
recently discovered that my Great Grandmother's maiden name was ROSVALL and
her mother's family name was 'ISRAËLS' >from burial records (Lena (or Helena)
was born circa 1805 in or near Turku, Finland). My maternal family have
lived for many generations in the Lieto-Lundo area (near Turku, SW Finland)
however, I note there appears to be quite a lot of ISRAËLSONA' still living
in Vastermansland, Sweden on the opposite side of the Bothnian Gulf (this is
just north of Uppsala).

In addition, I looked at genealogical records for the whole of Finland for
the C17 and C18 and most 'ISRAËLS(-SON)' appear to have been concentrated in
West Finland rather than East, so probably came >from Sweden or Estonia,
perhaps, rather than Russia (I might be wrong!)

Is anybody able to throw any light on this branch, also ROSVALL (Great
Grandmother's maiden name) and ROSENQVIST (Great-Great), both maternal
family names. I always assumed my Finnish family were Lutherans and have no
idea whether they were actually Jewish, but it might explain my grandmother,
Anna Maija's dark hair and handsome face.

Many thanks in advance.

Christina Giscombe

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