HUBSCHMAN, PFEFFER, LEITNER from Nadworna #galicia

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Dear Genners and all friends,

I would like to complete a request made a little time ago. I'm
searching members of my father's family. My father's name was Meir
HUBSCHMAN born in 1901 in Nadworna (actually in Ukraine). His
mother's name was HUBSCHMAN Chaje. Thanks to JRI Poland, on Nadworna
PSA AGAD Births, that I discoverd he had two brothers and one sister,
all registered in Nadworna like my father. His siblings were Jutte
born in 1894, Abe born in 1897, Jacob born in 1899. The fact that
their surnames was HUBSCHMAN let to think that there was not a civil
wedding for their parents, but only a religious one, which explains
that my father wore his mother's name.

My father was deported in Auschwitz then in Mauthausen where he died
on February 26th 1945. Three months ago, I discovered the documents
that my father had to fill in 193O to get the French citizenship. In
these documents he specified that his father was called PFEFFER
Bernhard, and that he died on June 15th 1924. My father wrote also
that he had 2 brothers and 1 sister: PFEFFER Simon born in 1892
tradesman in Jablonow, PFEFFER Lazar born in 1908 bank employee, and
LEITNER Dora (I imagine her maiden name to be PFEFFER) born in 1895,
married and living in Nadworna. My father, never gave us precise
informations about his family left in Galicia. It's why I cannot
find a logical link between these two different informations which
are totally incompatible. However I think that Bernhard PFEFFER can
be my paternal grandfather, because my father called one of my two
brothers (his eldest son): Bernard. Are the results on JRI Poland
absolutely reliable? It's difficult to imagine that my father gave
false informations for such an important request for him (to get the
French citizenship). I would be very grateful for all the
informations and explanations that you could give me to solve my
problem, and I would be so happy if descendants of the families
HUBSCHMAN and PFEFFER had survived, and if I could get informations
from them. I want to thank very much everybody who will perhaps help
me. With my best regards to all of you and Chana Tova.

Jeannette Rapoport-Hubschman, France

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