KOENIGSBUCH From Michalovce #galicia

Abuwasta Abuwasta

Dear Genners and Siggers,

I had a chance to visit Yad Vashem and to have a look at a recently
added data >from Arolsen (not yet on the web). I found out more
details about the the KOENIGSBUCH family >from Michalovce. So far I
knew about Hermann K. (1912-1942), the son of Joseph K. and Chaja
(Helene) Blass (d.1935), that he had a wife and 3 children. Now I
know that his wife was called Serene (b. 1910) and that she was
transported >from Michalovce on May 6, 1942. I do not know her maiden
name. Another card indicates on the same transport Etela Koenigsbuch
who is probably their daughter.

All bearers of the KOENIGSBUCH surname hail >from Brzesko, Galicia
and it was a great surprise for me to find a branch in Slovakia.
Wonder whether it rings a bell.

Jacob Rosen
Amman, Jordan

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