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Allan Falk <salfalk@...>

Dear Alan,

As far as I know, there doesn't exist archives >from Altona other, than our
friends in JGS-Hamburg have access to. With whom have you been in contact?

Best regards

Allan Falk
DK 2100 Copenhagen

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Fra: Alan Ehrlich [mailto:alan.ehrlich@...]
Sendt: 25. november 2013 22:24


Searching in the Hamburg archive/Talmud Thora proved fruitless because - as
they explained to me - during that time period, Altona was part of
Denmark... and the corresponding records are not in Germany (Hamburg).

I would be very grateful if some of you, experienced with family research in
Denmark, could suggest where I might look to find Altona Jewish records from
ca 1720-1820.

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