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Alan Ehrlich

Does somebody know where I might access 19th century Copenhagen
Jewish records?

In particular, I'm looking for Jewish marriage records for the
period 1810-1840; however, I'd also be "thrilled" to find birth
and death records >from that time, and immediately beyond.

Specifically, I'm searching for traces of my great great
grandmother Betty Hertz's brother: Neiman Hertz (in German:
Neumann Hertz) born in 1791 or 1792. According to family
information, in professional life, Neiman / Neumann Hertz's
occupation (or employer) was "Koniglich Danischen Speditern".

Within the same context, I also would like to find any records
referring to a 19th century Danish shipping company that, in
German, might have the title of: "Koniglich Danischen Speditern".

Thank you

Alan Ehrlich
Geneva, Switzerland

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