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Jan Meisels Allen

The Danish Genealogy Association (Danske Slaegtsforskere) has made the
Bovrup Index available on their website. The Bovrup Index is the list of
names of Danish Nazis (Danish Nazi Party --DNSAP), >from before and during
World War ll . The published online version includes 5,265 of the 22,795
names on the complete list, taking in all those born more than 110 years

The list originates >from the DNSAP's own records, transcribed by the Danish
resistance movement in May 1945 before the Nazi occupation of Denmark ended.
Originally, the list was printed but a 1946 District Court ruling decreed
that the names of Danish Nazi party members be encompassed by archival
laws-giving access only to researchers and those with approval. Because
time has passed, the Danish Genealogy Association is able to publish the
names only of those born in 1908 or earlier - those who would be 110 years of
age today. The list includes dates of birth, addresses and occupations of
DNSAP members. Additional names will be added in 2019. According to the Data
Protection Act, the information can be published when the person has been
deceased for 10 years.

Note the website is in Danish. If you are not conversant in Danish use
Chrome as your browser and it will translate the website, or use a
translation service such as Google translate at:

The list can be downloaded from:
Click on Online resources open pdf to access the list.

To access the Danish Genealogy Association website and specifically the list
go to:
Original url:

Jan Meisels Allen

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