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Avraham Y. Kahana

I am searching for a woman named Tosca Krakowski, that shows up in the
following testimonial page in Yad Vashem. The source states Tosca is a
daughter of Rafael Szczuciner z'l who perished in the Holocaust. The
source was compiled by jews members of the jewish community of
Goteborg, Sweden.

I am guessing Tosca may have lived in Sweden sometime. (Her Hebrew
name may be Tovah (Tauba in Polish).
Rafael is my relative, and me and Tosca have never heard of each other.

I see one Naftali Krawkoski mentioned in the Sweden National Archives,
possibly married to a Barbara Krajnik (my guess).

If any of you can help locating her whereabouts, I would appreciate.

Avraham Yehoshua Kahana

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