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Dear all,

Back >from a trip in Bulgaria, especially in Sofia, I would like to share
some pieces of information with those researching their roots in this

1. The Sofia Cemetery:

The books including all the records of deacesed people are kept at the
Central Synagogue in Sofia. Records are back to 1914.
The books are alphabetically arranged by given names of the deceased and in
each letter, the oder is chronological.

The details for each person are: the given name of the deceased, the given
of his father and his surname. Are also listed the date of the death, the
date of the burial, the age at death, the cemetery section no. and the row

Women are listed by their given name name & their husband's given name and
surname. For example: Lea Isak Levy with not any mention of her maiden name.
The other details are the same.

The Jewish cemetery that is a part of the Sofia municipal cemetery, has been
cleaned up >from a gigantic invading vegetation and tombstones have been
somehow repaired.Only a small part of the cemetery has not been cleaned up yet.

To my question: where are the death registers prior to 1914, I was told that
there was an ancient Jewish cemetery that has been totally erased and no one
knows what happened to the registers.

2. The Community Center of Sofia that houses "Shalom- Organization of the
Jews in Bulgaria"

The Community Center is called "Beit HaAm" (Hebrew for = House of the
People) at 50 Stambuliisky Ulitsa. This is a 4 floor building (the lift
doesn't always function) while on the lower floor there is a large hall with
a stage, where people come to see theater plays or to listen to chorals.
The offices of "Shalom" are located at the upper floor. Only one person, a
researcher, knows English. All the other workers speak only Bulgarian.
I asked about the Shalom annual publication "Godishnik" that began to appear
in 1967 and that included many scholarly articles, mainly on the various
aspects of the Bulgarian Jewish History.
Godishnik that sometimes appeared in English doesn't appear anymore. It has
been superseeded by MABAT (Hebrew for "Glance" or "Look"). This new
publication is much more aesthetical than the previous one but much more
thinner- 100pages instead of 300!


Mathilde Tagger
Co-Author of "Guidebook for Sephardic and Oriental
Genealogical Sources in Israel. Avotaynu, 2006>"
Coordinator the Sephardim SIG
The Israel Genealogical Society

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