Re: Jewish naming patterns #galicia

roe kard

I have had a similar experience.

There was only one "Rokart" record on all of Jewishgen. It was for
Mechuel Rokart who was married to a Basia Goldwurm, a family name I
had never heard. But I had a strong sense that this man was my
grandfather's father and that my father's brother Mechuel was named
after him but I had no proof at all when I began.

When I received the original birth certificate >from AGAD it came
clear that the mother, Basia's parents were Avraham and Chaie, the
names of my father's other two siblings. This pushed me to further
certainty cause now there were three siblings with the given names
of two grandparents and one great grandparent.

It took a megilla's worth of research and deduction to get a great-
uncle's death certificate which proved and validated our
hypothesis, based on the naming pattern. We showed that their
parents were, indeed, these same Abraham and Chaie and thus worthy
of commemoration as well.

Karen Roekard
AKA Gital Chaye Eta

PS I hope this is clear enough. I only have access to iPhone so
hard to remember and write at same time.

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