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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Hanus Grab wrote: re WOT{T}ITZ in Strakonitz.
"On my tree I have Samuel WOTITZKY (husband of
Rosalia GRAB - who was the sister of my ggggrandfather
Isaak GRAB). Samuel was the son of Isak
WOTITZKY and of Sara, nee LANY (or LANG?) b. March
29, 1808 Smichow (now Prague) with many WOTITZKY &
POPPER descendants.

I also know Jonas Wot(t)itz who married in Drosau
Anna/Hanna LOWITH* on Feb 19, 1834 and
Hermann/Nephtali WOT{T}ITZ (1802/3 - Jul 17, 1889
Strakonitz) who married in Drosau on March 29, 1839
Rosalia/Rachel LOWITH and later (after June 1850)
Katharina LOWITH.

Sisters Anna/Hanna, Rosalia/Rachel and Katharina
were daughters of Josef LOWITH and of Sara, nee

It appears that Hanus is now tangentially related to
the *Fleischhauer* of Strakonice.

Jonas WOT{T}ITZ was the brother of Nephtali Hermann
above [1802-1889]. Their father was Michael who was
married to Anna {Hindl} ROUBITSCHKIN/ROBITZKY.

Michael, in turn was the son of Herschl Nephtali
LEVI/WOT{T}ITZ, the Fleischhauer of Strakonice,
married to Eva RUDOLF. They are listed in the 1793
census of Bohemia.

The other siblings of Nephtali and Jonas [all born in
the early 1800s] were:
Eva - married to Joseph KAFKA
Judith married to Samuel THEIMER
Baruch married to Sara KRAUSKOPF

Nephtali Hermann WOT{T}ITZ who married two LOWITH
sisters - one having presumably died in childbirth -
had twelve children in all.

One daughter, Katharina, married her cousin who
appears in the U.S. under the name Emanuel WODIC and
is buried in Michigan: Family Collections: The Emanuel
Wodic Collection. ... Emanuel WODIC born in Bohemia,
came to the US in 1854 at the age of 18...
The couple had no children. You can look for him on
the best known search engine.

This family name appears under various guises and
spellings and links can easily be overlooked.

Our SIG member Peter Lowe, also has links to the
Strakonice WOT{T}ITZ tree, through marriage.

Celia Male [U.K.]
LOWITH with an umlaut ..

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