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Ian Herriott <ianherriott@...>

Hi List,

I'm hesitant to ask such a broad and basic question to such a large
and learned audience, but I wonder if anyone on this list would be
willing to help me ascertain whether the following people could
possibly be of Sephardic origin, or what resources I should pursue

They are both >from DNA search results, and they are somewhat closely
related, probably in the J2a1k1 haplogroup.

1) Gerard Noot, born 1380 [sic], Netherlands.
(ySearch: NX4YY)

2) Abraham DeRevere (or De Riviere) born around 1640. >from Calais,
then Zeeland. Dutch Reform.
(FTDNA Kit #1498)

Many Thanks!

Ian Herriott

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