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richard may

Dear Ellen Kahn,

My great great grandfather, Ferdinand MAY(ER), was born in
Nierstein, Hessen, in 1812, son of Isaak Wilhelm MAYER, Mannheim
musician, and Jentle DEL BANCO, a.k.a., Julianna HAMBURG,
grandson of Abraham MAYER. Ferdinand MAYER emigrated with wife,
Kettchen MAYER nee LANDAUER and 8 children, to London, UK in 1853.
Our surname changed to MAY.

Before the Hessen the MAYER, MAYERHOFER(all spellings),
Krakow, Galizia in 17th. century. Originally this MAY(MAYER)
family was probably Sephardic with the surname AL BAGEZI or
AL BAGESI, before the expulsion of Jews in 1492, according to
research by Eric Friedman and Pessy Hollander.

Richard May < ferdlilac@... >
Buffalo New York, U.S.A.

--- On Thu, 4/23/09, EllnKahn@... <EllnKahn@...> wrote:

My 25+ years of genealogical research are becoming more and more
difficult. My father's ancestors (both paternal and maternal)
originally lived in either Spain or Portugal. I have heard the
oral history several times but am unable to find anything before
my first ancestor went to Germany about 1685.

This summer our family is planning a heritage trip to Spain and
Germany. I do know where all of our ancestors were born and died
in Germany but am having trouble with Spain and/or Portugal.

The family surnames that I do have are: LUCAS & MAY or MAI.
Can anyone put me on the right path to finding out where to search
for the towns that these families may have lived in Spain?

Ellen Lukas Kahn
Homewood, IL

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