Sephardic SIG #Sephardim re: Need help with Jewish ancestors from Spain and/or Portugal #sephardic

Judy Simon

Ellen Lukas Kahn asks:

The family surnames that I do have are: =A0 LUCAS & =A0MAY or MAI.
Can anyone put me on the right path to finding out where to =A0search
for the towns that these families may have lived in Spain?
Using the search engine on on
Harry Stein's website, I found that the name LUCAS
appeared in a book on conversos on trial in Ciudad Real, Conversos on
Trial by Haim Bienart. Pere Bonnin's book Sangre Judia has a
reference to LUCA in Navarra. Sangre Judia lists MAY as having lived
in Zaragosa. MAIA, MAIO, and MAJO appear on in various
locations where Sephardim fled during the Inquisition, including the
Ottoman Empire and Brasil.

Since the archives in various areas in Spain are in several early
languages that are different >from modern Spanish, you might want to
contact someone who understands medieval Spanish,

Judy Simon

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