Sephardic SIG #Sephardim AJONA in Spain (Navarra) Follow-up #sephardic


Dear Siggers,
I had posted a query re. the AJONA surname (maternal surname of my
ex-husband, who always maintained he was an ethnic Basque)as there
was a brief piece on about a Jewish man called
AHONA who settled in the town of Arroniz (my ex's birth town, BTW),
converted, married a Christian woman, etc. I thank those who sent
some thought-provoking responses to the SIG, including Mathilde Tagger.
My attempts to contact members of the family were successful, as was
my request that they do a Y-dna test. Result of the test: They are
of the haplogroup J2, origin: the Fertile Crescent! Just a reminder
not to rule out dna in family searches, although of course the results
are more anthropological than genealogical.
Judith Berlowitz
Oakland, CA

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