Sephardic SIG #Sephardim re: AHONA in Spain (Follow-up) #sephardic

Judy Simon

The results of a Y-DNA test can be genealogical too when 37 or 67
markers are tested. For example, if your ex-husband's relative's J2
results matched an Ashkenazi Jewish male on roughly 80% to 90% of the
markers, we can be reasonably sure that the paternal ancestors of the
Ashkenazi male were Sephardic. By tracing back >from the Ashkenazi
relative and forward >from the Sephardic match, it may be possible to
connect the two lines.

Judy Simon, NY
researching: BROZGOL >from Rezekne, Latvia and Navarra and Barcelona,
Latvia; LEFKOWITZ >from Skierniewice, Poland; KELMER, MEZELSOR,
OLSTEIN, AKERMAN >from the Lodz area, Poland

My attempts to contact members of the family were successful, as was
my request that they do a Y-dna test. Result of the test: They are
of the haplogroup J2, origin: the Fertile Crescent! Just a reminder
not to rule out dna in family searches, although of course the results
are more anthropological than genealogical.
Judith Berlowitz
Oakland, CA

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