Sephardic SIG #Sephardim Articles About Sephardic Research in Back issues of AVOTAYNU Now Available on Internet #sephardic

Gary Mokotoff <mokotoff@...>

You now can have access to all articles about Sephardic research-more than
40-that have appeared in past issues AVOTAYNU, the Journal of Jewish
Genealogy. All back issues of AVOTAYNU >from 1985-2011-105 issues, 27 years,
more than 7,000 pages-are now available on the Internet as a fee-based

Articles about Sephardic research are listed at These are in addition to the
country-specific articles. Listing for all other countries and topics can be
found at

The system uses the powerful Google search engine to search the back issues.
Selecting a particular result brings up a PDF file that contains the search
request. Using the browser's search ability identifies the specific page
that contains the keywords. The relevant article can then be read and/or

Additional information is available at

Gary Mokotoff

MODERATOR NOTE: This is the permitted one-time commercial mention of a
fee-based online resource.

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