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Schelly Talalay Dardashti

According to my good friend Pere Bonnin's Sangre Judia 1 (4th edition),
with thousands of names >from pre-Inquisition, Inquisition, and post-
Inquisition documents, the following are listed with the cities and
year of the documents he discovered for the following surnames (this
name is always a surname in my experience), which may provide more

ORABONA (1454, Cervera Lerida)
ORABUENA (1259, Tudela Navarra)
ORBANEJA (1722, Sevilla)
HORABONA (1410, Lerida)
HORABUENA (1305, Tudela Navarra)
ARABON (1297, Pamplona)
ARBONA (1391, Mallorca Balearic Islands)

For more clues, anyone looking for Sephardic ancestors should *always*
check the name search engine at Harry Stein's and at Jeff

Maria Jose has also done extensive work in the Lleida/Lerida archives
(where our family records were found), and is currently working on the
rich resources in the Cervera archives). If anyone would like to contact
her, please let me know privately.

Also, I believe an ORABUENA ketubah was discovered or noted by Barcelona
researcher Maria Jose Surribas (she does research for many of the
prominent Sephardic researchers - an amazing person) several years ago.

with best wishes
Schelly Talalay Dardashti
New Mexico


From: Gina Marks <>

I have five Ora/Hora Buenas on my family tree. One old tree chart
which I obtained >from decades ago also gave the name as "Saha Toba"
in brackets.
Those on my tree came >from Morocco and Gibraltar but of course they
probably came >from Spain originally.
However, on my tree, all the Ora Buenas are given names and not

Subject: ORABUENA surname history?

Does anyone know of resources in English detailing the history of the
etc surname in Spain before 1492 and after? I have already read all
relevant entries in the 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia as well as Beatrice
Leroy's The Jews of Navarre. Has anyone done any genealogical research
on any Orabuena (or name variants) families?

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