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Dear Maria,

You wrote:

My grandfather was born in Israel in the late 1880s but I'm not
certain if he was Israeli but, I'm certain that he was a sephardi.
There is also a trace of Ashkenazi. The family moved to Cyprus in the
1900s. Their
surname sounds like FELLUS or Fellas. Does anyone know the country of
origin? Any info would be greatfully appreciated.
A correction: if your grandfather was born in the 1880s in Palestine,
he couldn't be Israeli but Turk as the country was part of the Ottoman
Empire. Of course, he could be citizen of another country if his
parents had a foreign citizenship.

The surname FELLUS or FELLOUS was mainly found among Tunisian Jews.
Accordong to Paul Sebbag (Les Noms des Juifs de Tunisie. Paris,
L'Harmattan, 2002. <Names of Yinisia Jews>, Fellus/Fellous means:
"chick - an affective name use for My poppet".
The SephardicGen Databases found at:
has 16 citations for FELLOUS, the French spelling of the name.

Mathilde Tagger

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