JOWBR and Safed plus Haifa Cemetery #galicia

Rivka Schirman <capitetes@...>

HI -

I have found on JOWBR a registration concerning my paternal uncle
and a direct link for further information on the Safed cemetery
given as Unfortunately, the linke seems not
to work and url is unknown. Anyone knows how I can reach this
foundation ?

For those looking for burials in Haifa cemetery - an online link,
searchable (unfortunately only in Hebrew and only for Windows)
available >from :

Rivka Schirman nee Moscisker
Paris, France
Searching: MOSCISKER >from Brody, Budzynin, Buczacz, Okopy Szwietej
Trojce, Krakow, Lwow), WEISSMANN and REINSTEIN >from Okopy Szwietej
Trojce (Borszczow, Tarnopol)

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