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Hi Rick,

You asked about the surname COLCHAMIRO.

Here is what I found about the surname Kalhamira in the an article
entitled "The Names of the Janina Jews" by Dalven, Rachel.and
published in the Sephardic Scholar, Series 3, 1977-1978.
"KALHAMIRA are the two first words Kol Hamira" of the prayer (in
Aramaic) said before the eve of Pessah, after the proper benediction.
The translation of these 2 words are are "may all the leaven" and the
prayer continuesin my possession that I have notseen or removed....."
Dalven explains that this may be a kind of occupation as one man of
the community was selected to help looking for hamets.
In fact this surname was basically a nickname.

Mathilde Tagger

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