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Ram Noham <noham100@...>

Hi Albert

I also had a family - NEHAMA - that lived in Salonika. Can you tell me where
did you find the record of your ancestor's grave and are there more records
to look at?

Ram Noham

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It's been a long time since I last reached out for help with my family
tree.....My father was Jacob (Yacov) SHEMARYA son of Yehoshua (Joshua) ,
born in Rhodes. In the past week, I somehow found a record of the grave of
Rabbi Yacov Shemaria in Salonica, who passes away 15 Av 5389 (Aug 4, 1629).
My grandfather, Yehoshua, son of Yacov, passed away in 1919. I'm not
exactly sure what to make of this as there are two Yacov's in the Rhodes
cemetary that could be my great passed away in 5660, the
other in 5675. Incidentally, I have no way, for sure, of knowing who were
the male siblings of my grandfather, Yehoshua. I'd be interested hearing
from other members of the Shemaria/Shemarya families to exchange

Albert Shemarya
Seattle, WA.

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