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Dear Siggers
I am trying to find out what has happened to a friend of my mother.
called Erika Lustig >from Vienna. born in 1921 or 1922. Used to live in
Stiegergasse (15 bezirk), had a sister called Ilse (unfortunately found her
in the victims list) same with her mother Lustig Selma and grandparents
Gottlieb. Erika's parents separated and the father took Erika to Brno and
later to Prague. my mother has no idea if there was anyone left >from this
family. I found a microfilm of a newspaper where the name Erika Lustig
appeared as a surviver >from Theresienstadt (which is logical if she was in
Prague), but I could not find anything else.

Maybe one of the experts in this group can assist ? your help will be very
much appreciated. thanks.

Yael Goetzler.

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