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Ram Noham <ramnoham@...>

Found ALTARAS family in Salonika and they were in Kahal Evora which its
origin was Portugal
Ram Noham - ramnoham@...
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Subject: [sephardic] Searching for ALTURA family origins in Spain

I have verified that my family name of ALTURA (with several variations such
as Altarass) originated in Spain, in a way confirming family legend. I have
traced my family via Vienna, Austria, to Brody, Galicia to around 1850. I
don't know where to go >from here. There are ALTURAs all over the world -
especially in Spanish speaking countries, >from Brazil to the Philippines. I
would like some advice as to how to begin searching in Spain. I have
utilized and databases to no avail. Thank you.
Diane Climo - cldl@...
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