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Hello everyone,

I am an armchair genealogist and recently discovered that my 4th great
grandparents >from Puerto Rico were born Jewish. My 4th great
grandfather, Juan de Lima, also known as Abraham de Isaac Aletrino y
Lima, was born in Amsterdam in 1802. My 4th great grandmother Ruperta
Lobato, also known as Ribca de Isaac Cohen Lobato y Saruco, was born
in Suriname in 1806. They were married in synagogue in Paramaribo,
Suriname in 1827.

I have been tracking the family lines backwards to Amsterdam, and many
ancestors were members of the Portuguese Jewish synagogue in
Amsterdam. I found the member register for the synagogue on here:

I wondered if you might understand how the membership records work?
The relevant record is the one on the bottom right which reads as follows:

"No. 54. David de Lima p elle seu f° Jahacob de Lima A° 5422 p elle
Selomoh de Lima A° 5484 - David de Selomoh de Lima a° 5522, p elle
Jeudit de Simson de Lima mulher de Jb de Ik Ferares A° 5628 . . . ."

I was not sure what "p elle" means. Perhaps that the latter family
member is nominated for membership by the former family member? I
know that "seu f°" means "his son". I assume that "A°" means admitido
or admitted. I understand the references to the dates.

Does the synagogue membership transfer >from Father to Son/Daughter?

Thank you in advance for your thoughts.

Kind regards, David Rivera
London and NJ, USA

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