Beer and Jews in Galicia #galicia

Mark Jacobson

Thanks to all for the very interesting and enlightening discussion.
My two cents:

1. The 1898 Boryslaw death record for my g-g-g-grandfather Abraham
Josef KOPPEL (died at age 86) states that he was the "son of Elias
and Lea Feige Koppel, innkeepers in Stebnik". Stebnik is a village
south of Drohobycz. I have a Drohobycz death record for the Stebnik
death of Elias KOPPEL (no occupation listed) stating he died in 1851
at age 60, placing his birth in 1791, so he lived his life during
the time of the restriction on Jews being involved in innkeeping
described by Rivka Schirman.

2. The 1878 Drohobycz death record for my g-g-g-grandfather Schloma
KAMMERMANN (died at age 71) states that he was the "son of the
married couple in Kolpiec, Ichel and Hencze Kammermann, brandy
distiller, died a long time ago." Kolpiec is a village south of
Drohobycz. I believe Ichel was born in 1781 and died in 1831 if he
is the correct one I found a death record for, so he also lived his
life during that restriction time.

Both these records, though created some time after the deaths of
these men, openly state that these men were in alcohol related
occupations some time between 1800 and 1850 in Galicia. Since the
information is on the death records for their sons, and there would
be no logical reason for the registrars to make up that information
that was not even required to be listed, I think it is likely that
they were openly engaged in this occupation, regardless of its
legal status.

Mark Jacobson
Secretary, JGSPBCI
Boca Raton, FL

DOGULOV/DOVGALEVSKY - Belaya Tserkov/Kiev Ukraine;
COHEN/KANA/KAHAN - Tripolye, Ukraine;
JACOBSON - Polotsk, Belarus; KOBLENTZ - Polotsk, Belarus;
KAMERMAN/KAMMERMANN - Drohobycz, Galicia;
KOPPEL - Stebnik/Drohobycz, Galicia;
JACOBI - Stratyn/Rohatyn, Galicia; ROTHLEIN - Stratyn/Rohatyn, Galicia;
TUCHFELD - Rzeszow/Stryj/Lvov, Galicia; GOLDSTEIN - Ranizow, Galicia

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