Sephardic SIG #Sephardim Sephardic-Mizrahi Postal History & Ephemera Gallery - update #sephardic

R Laby <rlab78y@...>


I have been updating the virtual archive of postcards, letters, documents,
and photos, which can be accessed and searched at:

A link is also found at the SephardicGen website (database section). 
There are now more than 5000 images >from online searches.  The archive is
arranged by geographic folders, and can also be searched by text (in name
of image).  About 3000 of the images have a family name within the image
name, and so can be searched directly by the quick text search.  Tagging
is incomplete- searching by tags is not efficient, except for the "ladino"
item tag which is completed.   Otherwise please scroll through each
geographic folder.

I am not asserting copyright and the images may be downloaded (click on,
select, drag & drop).  Registration is not required.  These images are for
personal use and research only.

Please contact me privately with any questions or comments.

Ron Laby

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