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Moshe Schaeffer

My father OBM all ways said the he know his family was >from Spain but he
did not know how. On the web site which was ones online but is no longer
up ( it said The name 'SZEWACH' translated to
Hebrew is "praise". The origin of the name dates back to the era of the
Spanish Inquisition in the 15th Century. A family of Jewish physicians
during the reign of Ferdinand and Isabella were highly respected and
honored by the reigning sovereigns. When the Inquisition began, and Jews
were being rounded up for massacre and slaughter, a secret escape route
out of Spain was organized for this family. Once they escaped and
reached the Pyrenees Mountains, they looked into the heavens and recited
the words 'Le'Shebeach Adoni (Praise Hashem). Hence, out of the word
'Shebeach', derived the name 'Shevach'. The members of this family then
split up and settled in various parts of Eastern Europe; many in Poland,
Czechoslovakia and Hungary. They chose to spell the name differently
too. Some as 'Shevach', others as 'Szewach' and some as 'Shebach'.

I have found a U.S. Naturalization Records for my Great Great Great
Grand Mother which says her husband came >from Pinsk, Russia. I all so
received a reply >from the Lithuanian State Historical Archives which
says the Peski town-dweller of the Volkovysk district Zelman-Leiba ben
Kivel [in the record Kivelev] Shevakh 28 years old married to Kovno
town-dweller Mina or Mina-Gena bat Movsha [in the record Movshovna]
Shuval 25 years old. The record was registered in Kovno on the 19 of
June 1897. She was born in 1874 they were married in 1896 in Kovno. His
name in the USA was Louis his Hebrew name was Zalman Leib ben Moshe last
name SCHEWACH. In the USA it was SHAFER or SCHAFER or SCHAEFFER .He was
married to Minnie. His parents were Kiva and Rive Leah Levine their
children were Annie born about 1879 , Yetta born about 1880 , Rosie born
about 1882 , Dora born about 1885 , Hyman born about 1886 ( his petition
for citizenship says he was born in Grodna, Poland or Russia in 1891or
92 he came to the USA under the name Chaim Schwach) . She had 12
children 8 lived I believe. The ones I know about all came to the USA in
1902 and 1905.

I am trying to break through this wall to find out how I am related to
the SZEWACH name . I have not been able to find more information on the
family in Peski. Where might I be able to find more information on them?
If I can find more information on them how would I start to build them
back to this family in Spain? Is there a place to find out more about
families in Spain prior to 1492? Or is there a way to build >from Spain
out? Thank you for your help in this matter.

Moshe Schaeffer

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