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Georges Graner

Genealo-J, publication of the Jewish Genealogical Society of France,
Issue 138, June 2019 has just been published.

Remy Chicheportiche tries to summarize the history of his family which,
along the centuries, has taken many different forms, such as Ses Portes,
Sasportas, Sasportes, Chicheportiche, Portouch.

This family is attested at the end of the 13th century in Majorca, one
of the Balearic islands, when these islands were reconquered by the
Aragonic kingdom. But they were expelled in 1391 and had to settle in
Honaine and Tlemcen (Algeria). Around 1492, due to troubles in Tlemcen,
they mainly move to Oran although this city is in the hands of the
Spanish crown. Expelled again in 1669, they settled in Algiers where
they were still at the time of the French conquest (1830). The author
draws several partial genealogical trees of this family at different times.

How can this family be related to the Ca Porta found in Catalonia? How
is it related to the Chicheportiche families trading in the saharian
trails or in Morocco? This is an immense jigsaw puzzle with still many
missing parts.

Anne-Marie Fribourg was puzzled by the life of Auguste Blum (1812-1878).
Parts of his life are well documented. Other parts are still mysterious.
He came >from a family of Alsatian ironmasters, studied in Ecole
Polytechnique, published several mathematical studies and was involved
in the political events of 1848. But after 1855, he is more difficult to
track. He seems to have worked for railways in Russia. In 1860, a
Clarisse Blum was born in Saint-Petersburg, but she is declared of
unknown parents, even though Auguste is obviously her father and she
repeats, when she gets married, that her parents are unknown.But, when
she dies in 1933, she is said to be the daughter of Jean Auguste Blum
and Marie Guigitsky.

Auguste Blum seems to have been married twice, officially or not. One
wifeis Marie Guigitsky. The other one is Adelaide Tullie Cagnet aka
Tullie Moneuse aka Tullie Blum.. When she dies in 1875, the registrar
first wrote "widow of Auguste Blum" but corrected it to "married to
Auguste Blum". Another strange fact is the announcement in a Parisian
newspaper on November 24, 1867 that a Mr Blum, who is likely to be
Auguste Blum, has been murdered in San Francisco where he had made a
large fortune. The actual death of Auguste is on January 6, 1878, in
Paris, as declared by his brother Moise. Strangely again, this death is
reported two years later only in three different French papers who all
mention his fortune obtained in California. We have no details about his
life in California.

Elisabeth Lippmann (1810-1879) nee Levy, is born in Sarrebourg
(Lorraine). She marries in 1834 Leon Lippmann, a banker >from a family of
Verdun. They settle in Sarrebourg and during 22 years, 1847-1869,
Elisabeth kept the daily accounts of her home. One can find here the
everyday domestic details of the life of a wealthy Jewish family.
Mireille Provansal-Lippmann analyzed these accounts. Elisabeth has an
active role in the Jewish community, of which her husband is the leader,
although she is open to her times, seeking integration and
respectability. The debt incurred by the weddings of the five daughters
of the couple weighs heavily on the family budget during the years
leading up to bankruptcy and exile.

The city of Salonika (now called Thessaloniki) comprised a majority of
Jewish inhabitants, under the Turkish rule. Many of them spoke a very
good French that they had learned at the schools of Alliance Israelite
Universelle, established in the city since 1873. The situation changed
when the city was annexed by Greece in 1912 and even more after the
great fire of August 18, 1917.Many Jews quitted the city between the two
World Wars. Their number was still 56,000 in 1939 but they were all
deported and slaughtered by the Germans in 1943.Anne-Marie Faraggi
presents many clips >from Jewish newspapers of the period 1895-1910
showing the active social life.

Georges Graner

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