Sephardic SIG #Sephardim need data on Sephardic ancestor from Livorno #sephardic

Paul Beek <paulbeek_1956@...>


Just read
"Genealo-J/, /publication of the Jewish Genealogical Society of France,
Issue 139, October 2019 has just been published."

For my search into my Sephardic ancestor >from Livorno,I would like
to know who can help me find my ancestor since no archive in Livorno
has replied to my messages.

It concerns my great great great great grandmother Esther Fionquino,born
in Livorno in 1740 (she died in 1828 in Amsterdam),would like to have
any data in her possible:date of birth,parents etc.
She married Jacob Rimini of Verona but do not know when and where.

Hope you can help me with this earch,thanks in advance,

with best regards

Paul Beek
the Hague

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