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In a previous post about the article "Coming Home after 500 Years" there was
a list of unusual customs and accoutrements unique to Ms. Genie MILGROM's
Catholic family but not to other Catholics in their community.

My apologies for omitting one custom which has been added to the original
list as #8 below:

1. Taking some dough when baking bread, wrapping it in foil, and placing it
the back of the oven to burn.

2. Checking eggs for blood spots and discarding any having them.

3. Checking vegetables carefully for bugs using a light.

4. Marrying cousins.

5. Rushing forward just before the moment a bride and groom were to be
married to pin white shawls to their shoulders.

6. A grandmother who was visibly upset at Genie's conversion. "'She kept
telling me it was dangerous to be a Jew.'"

7. Two items bequeathed to Genie by her grandmother after the latter's death
and without explanation, a tiny gold earring with a Star of David in the
center and a hand-shaped hamsa "of the type believed by some Mizrachi Jews
to ward off the ayin hara".

8. Burying the dead as soon as possible after the passing of the deceased.

Regarding #8 above the article states "Genie's beloved grandmother passed
away on a Friday morning. Genie assumed her family would wait a few days to
hold the funeral, as is common in the Catholic faith, but her mother shocked
her by saying that the family had a custom to bury people as soon as
possible. Nothing Genie said changed her mother's mind. Shabbos was
rapidly approaching, and with a sinking heart she realized that she wouldn't
be able to attend her grandmother's funeral."

Doug Turner

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