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I wonder if the name Yona suggests a link with Yonava (modern Jonava) also
near Kovno?

Sally Morton Sevenoaks, Kent UK

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Hi! I am new to this group. My mother's father, Israel Spiers (actually
named Yona) was born in London and moved to Capetown when he was 6 months
old. His mother's name was Sara Bass and his father's name was Abraham
Spiers. They had come >from Alexotas, Lithuania. Evidently Spiers was not
their name before they went to London. There are evidently a lot of Bass
family members left in SA, and possibly some Spiers and at least one person
named Leggum. If any of this rings a bell with anyone, please let me know.
My grandfather attended a very old Jewish school in Capetown that is still
evidently in existence. Alexotas (Elixot in Yiddish) is on the outskirts
of Kovno (Kaunas) and is in the Suwalki gubernia. Thanks, Jeanne Swack
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