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Dear SIGgers,
Would anyone have an idea what financial institution was a likely one to be
used to wire money >from Capetown to Soviet Union during 20'-early 30's and
if there is any likelyhood of records pertaining to such transactions to
According to Paul Cheifitz, my relatives apparently left no trace of
property ownership in SAfrica, or any trace for that matter. They however
sent money regularly until about 1931-32, when it became to dangerous to
receive funds >from abvroad, so the contact was lost irreparably.
This money allowed our family to survive the Ukrainian Famine of 1933 in
which 8-10 million people died.
Roman Turovsky-NYC

More of the background below:

The children of Moisei [Movsha] Sher-Sauchek and Gisya ?????:

their sister Haya-Genia who married Max-Mendel LIFSHETS or
LIVSHETS [all born before or ca. 1900] and
the children of the latter named
Hanna, Judith and Markus [they would be in their 60's [???] now].
They emigrated from
CHERVEN' (then known as IGUMEN) in Belarus-Russian Empire
ca.1910-12 and were believed to have settled in or
near CAPETOWN, South Africa.
They were politically active [leaning left] and had dificulties with the
czarist police. Considering rarity of the name Sauchek and profusion of the
name Sher, they chose the latter as their surname in fear of some perceived
danger to them even so far away >from the old country.

They were in SAfrica ca. 1932-33
when the contact was lost.
By that time they seem to have definitely dropped the Saucheck part of the
Three sisters remained in Russia: Revekka, who died in Moscow, [her
descendants are still there],
Rachel [who never married] who later emigrated to US-NYC with the family of
Sara, who died in Kiev. The latter was my paternal gm.

Any information is gratefully apreciated.

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