Re: Sephardic Jews in Galicia #galicia

Michael Hoffman

In Alexander Beider's book: A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames >from Galicia
there is a very informative chapter about Sephardic Jews in Galicia.

Michael Hoffman
Researching: SCHAMROTH / SHAMROCK Krakow, London, Australia
BERGER Grabowo / Grubava, Poland, London, Hull UK
HOFFMAN / OCHMAN / OFFMAN Belaya Tserkov, Kiev Ukraine
OSTROFSKY Belaya Tserkov, Kiev Ukraine
Rivka Schirman wrote:

I don't know about 'pockets' of Sepharadi Jews in Galicia, but I
would consider the following indications to trace one's Sepharadi

1. Given names and surnames - Shprince, for example, would derive
>from the Spanish 'esperanca' (hope), a given name still in
practice among Ladino speaking communities up to the 2Oth century.
Surname of Meiman could (can't prove it, but the possibility does
exist) derive >from "Maimon' (as in Maimonidas, i.e., Rambam -
Rabbi Moshe son of Maimon).

2. the Nossach (version, rite) of the Prayer books (Machzor and/or
Sidur) - there existed in Poland and Galicia prayer books "nossach
Sfard," not to be confused with "Nossach sefarad." While the latter
relates exclusively to Sepharadi rite, the first - Nossach Sfard -
relates to the rites of Spanish Jews diluted by several centuries
of Ashkenazi rite in Poland. The rite is generally mentioned on
the first page of the prayer book. I know that the official
explanation is that Nossach Sfard was created by the Besht and
the Chassidic movements so as to include cabbalistics elements in
the Ashkenazi rite, but a long time ago I have heard the
explanation I gave above >from 2 military rabbis in Israel and I
think it is not necessarily false. Anyway, both explanations are
not mutually explanations

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