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Hello all >from Sunny South Africa, I have started a club called
Settlers which deals with the Settlers >from different countries
to South Africa >from the 1700s into the early 1900s. If anyone
is interested, please send me questions and I will try my level
best to find information at hand. I am lucky enough to work at
the local university so I have free access to the libraries and
have managed to collect a fair amount of research myself. I
would also appreciate it if anyone who has information to share
could send it through to my e-mail and I will be happy to pass
it on and also include it on my Web page. Once I have settled
down with the club, I will be sending out a newsletter every two
weeks or so and would love to include snippets of information
that we receive. Judging by the amount of queries I have had,
it seems that this is exactly what we needed in this sunny
country of ours. There are so many people who just need a slight
nudge in the right direction and if I can be of any help, just
say the word.
Marlene Hoar

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