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Please reply directly if you have any leads on this one.


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Subject: [Fwd: Searching family FRITSMAN]

Can you help?
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Subject: Searching family FRITSMAN

From: Eleonor Fritsman <>
Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2000 14:27:43 -0300
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Dear Rose:
               I am searching my family FRITSMAN. My grandfather
ELIEZER BEN DAVID FRITSMAN (LEON in Spanish) left Lithuania aprox.
1909 or 1910 and arrived Argentina in those years. I heard that his
brothers went to SouthAfrica. Recently a man said me that in the 70'
(1970) he knew a man who names GUNTHER FRITSMAN in Green point, Cape
Town, but I couldn't find anymore. Can you help me?. Thank you very
Eleonor Fritsman
Buenos Aires
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