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Deb Stotland <deb_stotland@...>

Hello to everyone in the SA SIG,

I am conducting a search for the missing works of Israeli artist and writer
Nahum Gutman on behalf of the Gutman Museum Tel Aviv, Israel. The
information that I currently have states that Gutman was in South Africa
between November 1934-June 1935 to paint a portrait commissioned by General

The artist signs his name as N. Gutman, took with him to South Africa 40 oil
paintings and 5 watercolour paintings. To date, only one of each have been

I am also aware that Gutman had three exhibitions during his stay. The
first in Johannesburg, a second in Cape Town and the third in Durban >from
January 9-18, 1935.

It is of great importance that the Gutman Museum either procure those
missing works or assertain their whereabouts. We believe that the missing
paintings represent a crucial period in the artist's oeuvre.

I would be most appreciative for any information regarding Gutman's
activities during his time in South Africa and/or the movement or location
of his works.


Deborah Stotland
Museum Fundraiser

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