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Roger Harris <rh@...>

Southern Africa Jewish Genealogy
Date: Wedneday 18th April 2001
From: Roger Harris
E-mail: rh@...

Dear Haim Pogrund,

Thank you for your posting concerning the Vredehoek Shul.

Your text has been added to the Vredehoek entry, see Cape Town Orthodox HC
I have also made separate files for the Ponevez and Roeland Street shuls
upon paragraphs in your text.

Please see


Roger Harris

From: Haim pogrund <pogrund@...>
To: South Africa SIG <safrica@...>
Subject: Re: Vredehoek Shul, Cape town.
Date: 13 April 2001 8:55

Dear Rose and Denis,

I am writing to you both to correct any misrepresentations in my
Duchinsky was without question the follower of Mirvish at the
Vredehoek Shul.We were members of the Shul >from the Constitution
Street Days and year in and out attended the Bet Hamidrash Hachadash.
In 1953 upon my father's death I said Kaddish there for a year.

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