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Robyn Ziebert <rziebert@...>

Hello. I am very new to this list, and to jewishgen research overall. I
would like to know if anyone recognizes the name Zybert (or Ziebert)?

My grandfather, Samuel Ziebert b. Warsaw 1895, was sent to visit relatives
and travel in the US around 1912 by his family. I am told that Zybert was
changed to Ziebert upon his arrival. He went back to Poland in 1918-1919 ,
but soon returned to NY where he married Dora Mackler (this second arrival
appears in the Ellis Island archives).

I have always heard that my grandfather Samuel had two brothers who were
also sent abroad about the same time. Reportedly one brother - who may have
been a journalist - went to South Africa and settled in Johannesberg or
Capetown. I do not know if he married or had children. The second brother
was said to have gone to Argentina. There were possibly other siblings who
remained in Warsaw.

I realize that this is very very slim information, but I have dead ended on
Zybert research in Warsaw, and am hoping for some (any) on the surname if
nothing else.

Thanks very much.

Robyn Ziebert

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