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I am addressing this query both to GerSig and to South
Africa Sig as many of the descendants of Nathan
GINSBERG(1814-1890) of Beuthen went to South Africa
from Germany.
I am seeking any information, however trivial it may
seem, on the following:

1.Oscar GINSBERG(b.1876) who married Anna
GINSBERG(1880-1850) and had two sons Paul and Hans.

2.Bertha GINSBERG(1869-1915) who married Leo
HANAUER(1872-1935) and had a daughter

3.Vally Margarethe GINSBERG(1875-1952) who married
Felix GATTEL (b.1874)

4.Leo GINSBERG(1845-1895) who married Louise
Amongst their children were: Anna (see 1, above), Otto
who married Helene ROSENSTEIN, Else, Fritz who married

5.Elfriede Natalie GINSBERG(1894- abt 1972)

6.Max Selmar GINSBERG(b.1897) who married Winnifred

7. Erich GINSBERG(died abt 1939) who married Klara

If anyone can help me with any of the above, please
contact me, Adam Yamey, London

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