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Leonard KAY (ex Dublin) has lived in South African for years, and he is very
involved in the music world. He is exceptionally well known, sings with the
JJMC (Johannesburg Jewish Male Choir) he makes CD's and he would be able to
give you any information you require on the South Africans who are involved
in the music world here in South Africa. There are many people, don't want
to mention any by name (that causes "farribles") but Leonard will give you
all the the information you require. I have sent you his e.mail address

Tot siens, almal!!

Anne Lapedus Brest (ex Dublin, Ireland, Sandton South Africa
researching LAPEDUS (Vieksniai, Lithuania), KAHN (Vieksniai, Lithuania)
KARLIN (Zagera, Lithuania) MARCUS (Ackmene, Lithuania) KLAPMAN (Ackmene,
Lithuania) , ORKIN (Zagera, Lithuania) ORKIN ( Yaneshik/Yoniskis)
Lithuania, MIRRELSON (Kourland, Latvia and Kurshan, Lithuania) S(C)HILLMAN
(Kreutzburg/Krustpils, Latvia) BREST (Bauska, Latvia) NOVGOROD
(Yaneshik/Joniskis , Alte Zagera, Lithuania) CHEIN (Unknown) CHAVKIN
(unknown), ROTH (Piatra Neamt, Romania) LUNGU (Radauti-Prut, Romania)
BUTNARU (Romania) Abel Luiz de FREITAS (Holland)

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