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Dear South Africans Siggers,
I have a question that I may have asked before, but it's time to repeat it
nevertheless. I am researching a LOPATO/LOPATE family >from Siauliai (Shavel).
I have found quite a few Siauliai LOPATOs in the ALD, but I am stumped
because I know the names of only two siblings of my ggm and none of the names
of her parent's sibs.
My ggm Channa Rochel LOPATO (c. 1860) married Wulf (Yehudah) KULPE(born
1858). Her siblings were Abram LOPATO (LOPATIE) born 1853. Abram shows up in
the Poor Jew's Shelter in London on his way to Cape Town in 1897.Abram
married Wichne ? and had five children: Pinchas, Kayla Gite, Enya, Ethel, and
Malka all of whom emigrated to SA. The third sibling Ben LOPATE emigrated to
Chicago and married his niece(!)
I have filled in the blanks for Abram's desdendants, but I am wondering if
other SA Lopatos are related. Does anyone have any ideas on how I should
I am grateful for any suggestions. Please reply privately.

Hennie Greenland
Scottsdale, AZ

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