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A. M. Lenhoff <lenhoff@...>

There was an Elias ELLERT who lived in Upington for many years; he owned
the Upington Hotel. He passed away in 1968 -- see cemetery list at

I would guess that he was about 70 years old at the time. Unfortunately I
don't know any more about his history, but death records, which are
available in the SA Archives, typically list date and place of birth.

Bramie Lenhoff

Adam Yamey wrote:

My great grandmother's brother Israel GARB married Ida

I have a very small amount of information about her

|-2. Ida ELLERT
| sp: Israel GARB (b.1873-Plunge d.South Africa)
| |-3. Freda GARB (b.1903 d.1997-Bothaville,South
| | sp: Emmanuel NOCHAMSON (d.South Africa)
| |-3. Harry GARB (b.1906-Lindley,OFS d.1928)
| |-3. Jane (Jinks) GARB (b.1908
d.1997-Bothaville,South Africa)
| | sp: Isaac COHEN (b.1901 d.2001)
| |-3. Philip GARB (b.1909-Lindley,OFS d.1967)
| | sp: Paddy
| +-3. Hymie GARB (b.1912-Lindley,OFS d.1987)
|-2. Sam ELLERT
|-2. Max ELLERT
+-2. Bertha ELLERT
sp: COHN
|-3. Hannie COHN
| sp: Harry SEEF
+-3. Minnie COHN
sp: Charles WEINBERG

I am not sure >from wher the ELLERT family originated,
but there is an ELLERT family in Israel from
Naumiestis. On my tiny Ellert family tree the word
"Nainstadt" is added. Could this be the German name
for Naumiestis?

At least one of the ELLERTs, Ida, lived in S. Africa.

I would be very grateful for any more information
about the ELLERT family in South Africa, as well as
any connections it might have with the family in

Adam Yamey, London, UK<>

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