Kolomea & Sniatyn New Records #galicia

Alan Weiser <alanboy@...>

Previously I reported there was a project to acquire Kolomea 1858
landowner records and Sniatyn 1858 landowner records and
1925-1935 school records. This acquisition project is now under
the control of Gesher Galicia, Inc.'s Pamela Weisberger. The cost
for the Kolomea records will be covered >from funds in the Kolomea
Cadastral Map Project account. Likewise, the cost for the Sniatyn
records will be paid >from the Sniatyn account. Watch for a notice
in the future >from Gesher Galicia for the availability of these

I wish to thank those you made offers to donate towards this

Alan Weiser
Silver Spring, MD

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