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Richard Newman <genserch@...>

I have scanned the Cape Town records and have asked at the Board of Deputies
in Johannesburg. The name is unknown to all -- sorry.

Richard Newman
Cape Town
(genealogist and necrographer)

From: "Jim Pitofsky" <>
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Subject: [safrica] seeking my family in south africa - pitofsky or pytowski
Date: Sun, 29 May 2005 07:21:44 -0700

I am looking for my family in South Africa. Most of my family was killed
Lodz, Poland, but three survived and fled to the U.S., which is where I
live. We had heard a rumor that one family member also fled to South
America and another to South Africa. The South America rumor was confirmed
when we located our family in Argentina last year and I visited them. Now
we are even more confident that someone >from our family is in South Africa.
I will be in Cape Town briefly in July and in Johannesburg as well. Do you
know anyone in my family? What should I do to get the word out to see if
anyone knows of my family? Are there other listservs where people help in
these kinds of situations? Any suggestions and referrals you have would be
greatly appreciated.

The spelling of my name is Pitofsky. But I learned >from my Argentinian
family that the original spelling was Pytowski. My great grandfather,
came to the U.S., as did his nephews Morris and Harry; and Manuel went to

Thank you for any help you can provide.

Jim Pitofsky

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