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Ann Rabinowitz <annrab@...>

Very often when you are looking for one thing, something else entirely pops
up which is unusual. Such was the occurrance when I was searching for
Segals in the Ellis Island Database. I happened upon a few which might
interest those looking for Southern African or Lithuanian connections for
this name.

The following are the entries I found:

Aaron Segal, age 42, >from Cape Town, SA, arriving NY October 29, 1905.
Going to mother Mrs. Segal, 36 Henry Street, NY.

Abraham Segal, age 37, >from Moletai, arriving NY September 28, 1924, left
wife Michle Segel. Going to brother Jakob Segal, 925 Clare Hunt Parkway,
Bronx, NY.

Samson Segal, age 26, born Piatra, Rumania, arriving July 14, 1911, left
brother L. Segal, Plumtree, Rhodesia. Going to parents O. Segal, 1448
Firfield Avenue, St. Paul, MN. 4th finger left hand missing.

The most interesting entry was the one for the missing 4th finger left hand
of Samson Segal. Evidently he may have done this to avoid conscription.

Ann Rabinowitz

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